The 50 Years of Doctor Who

Hello World,

Let’s talk Dr. Who,
Let’s consider this:

“Gallifrey falls no more.” -Dr. Who 50th Anniversary

World politics allows us to delve into the wonders and mysteries such as Dr. Who. A world wide phenomenon that is watched in over 94 countries.

The Doctor’s belief is that it is his duty to save every world since the fall of his own Gallifrey.
So how does a phenomenon such as Dr. Who affect the world?
Through globalization, political messages, and hope for change.
Dr. Who, reintroduces self-determination into society. However, this isn’t the message of this quote.

For those who have seen the episode, you will know that there are many allegories to support the process of time and how it changes society and the concepts of the individual. It also shows uniformity. Furthermore it shows people choosing to make the right decision. So why do people keep making bad decisions?

With respect to Ukraine, it could rely on the socio-economic pulls from both Russia and the EU. But as a people, why do we choose to make bad decisions in a group?

Let’s hope within the next few weeks we see some collaboration or agreement with the Ukranian people and President Yanukovich.

Happy 50th!




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