Let’s make the World a better place.

Hello World,

Sometimes life can feel a little dull and I hope that that this video improved your day a little more.

Let’s look at the politics today and throw in the word Pacifism. More specifically: anti-war movements.

The IPB (International Peace Bureau) has existed for almost two-centuries. In 2014 it will be appearing at the Sarajevo Peace Event. It will be a fascinating meeting as it marks the 100 years since World War I.

Consider this:

“The American People ask, and legitimately so, why should we carry the heavy burden to ensure international peace and stability. You also profit from it, so you should also take your share in the burden. That’s Secretary Gate’s message. I share that message.” -Anders Fogh Rasmussen.

Re-introducing the “Out of the Box” ideal: also perfectly supports Rasmussen’s ideals.

My message for today is to consider whether World Peace relies on Politicians or People?  another quote to consider is:

“Rich Man’s War, Poor Man’s Fight.”- Civil War Southern Opposition

We could refer to economic stability, political tension, and it would be easy to pull up a plethora of examples where the poor are dying whilst the rich bank checks; however, I would like to focus on Christmas during World War I as much as I hate linking to Wikipedia (it probably won’t happen again.) But the existence of peace in the middle of such an awful event is truly inspirational. Where the Rich man’s war was not relevant.

To relate this all to the Train video: people have the power to improve other’s days.

Have a good night,



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