World Politics and Feminism!

Dear World,

As always, I was keeping one ear to the ground and I heard a stampede. I am shocked and horrified that people can be so disrespectful towards women. To build on this I also discovered this gem. To summarize the first article: he (Matt Forney) believes that women should be insecure because men do all the “real jobs.” The other article refers to both Men and Women in Japan seeing matrimony and child-making as “game over.”  

This is insane! I believe the feminists are wrong, the anti-feminists are wrong, and not having sex isn’t the answer to everything! Why is everyone resulting to the extremes? You, Matt Forney, you will find that a large majority of men do not have “real jobs” they are as much of a part as the Service industry as Women! Japan, I understand the pressure to always be optimal, exponential, and successful. I hope that there will be a day when your bosses do not “relinquish you” when you commit your life to another person. 

I have neglected to add a quote until this point because I cannot stress how significant taking a step down from both extremes is. I believe in fifty years sexism will be as taboo as racism. It will probably still exist but instead rely on your humanity to consolidate your image of a person. Often I can be shy and stutter– I thought my stammer was gone until I arrived in college. Yet I am still here, tripping over my two feet being confident that I can do better. Feminists, take a hike. This one is on me today, your role in World Politics can be admiral. I’m sure if Hillary Clinton is elected it will be a “huge step for women-kind.” I should let you know that I will rely on my qualitative reasoning and claim myself as an a-sexualist: who will never judge someone on their gender. 

“Equality is the soul of liberty; there is, in fact, no liberty without it.” – Frances Wright


Sorry World, 

Until next time,



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