How many want in and how many want out.

“A simple way to take a measure out of a country is to look how many people want in… and how many want out.” Tony Blair

Dear World,

Today my mind chanced upon illegal immigration. As an immigrant myself I am always faced with stereotypes and hard hitting facts that “hit home.”

So I took a look at “home” and how it deals with illegal immigration and I came across this picture:

From The Guardian, depicting how England is combating illegal immigration

From The Guardian: How England is combating illegal immigration

This is my home country’s method of dealing with illegal immigration. Sending vans around London with pictures of handcuffs,  statistics of recent arrests, and fine print at the bottom offering support if you turn yourself in for deportation.

I am disgusted with the Tory approach to illegal immigration: there is always a plethora of reasons why people end up in the UK. Whether it is for safety, security, or opportunity that is not available in their “home country.” Home is where the heart is: if your home is Sierra Leone and you were a child soldier or a Jew in Nazi Germany it is understandable why you cannot stay in your home. Yet when people look at immigration today, they believe that immigrants take away jobs. Instead of threatening to send them home, society should offer them a shoulder to integrate with society efficiently.

Despite Tony Blair’s history, he is correct to assert that if there is an influx of people into a country it is powerful and influential. If people are leaving, then it suggests they cannot support their citizens.

I am hesitant to see the next steps that the English take with regards to immigration. Will they favour the BNP’s viewpoint, or will they open their gates again?

All the best,



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