Change is one of my favourite words

“Change is one of my favourite words.” – Carol Vorderman

Dear World,

May you continue to change everyday. Keep surprising us and proving people wrong. Carol Vorderman’s (famously known for the British Show “Countdown”) could not be more correct when she asserts the importance of change. Naturally referring to the nerve-wracking word “Globalization” we have seen an exponential shift into the future. Travel is cheaper, productivity is cheaper, you don’t see people yelling down the phone when making a long distance phone call.

Change has always been the word of choice, the Verbum Electionis. I will simply state that I am not a Latin scholar. But I would change Carpe Diem to Carpe Optionem. 

But what does Change really mean for World Politics? Setting aside globalization (which is the driving force in Politics that everyone is familiar with.) Do we have a more sinister side to change? The Haitian’s are suing the UN due to the introduction of Cholera. Thousands have died and this is all due to our lack of foresight. We cannot predict change. It is volatile and uncanny; however, it is something to be anticipated and approached with caution.

All the best,



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