But who can remember pain?

“But who can remember pain, once it’s over? All that remains of it is a shadow, not in the mind even, in the flesh. Pain marks you, but too deep to see. Out of sight, out of mind.” – The Handmaid’s Tale, Margaret Atwood

The sad truth is that forgiving is not as easy as forgetting. Often we see that many cannot forgive, let alone forget. When we look at 9/11 it was a scar on history that served as a symbol marring many cultures, creating horrendous stereotypes, and allowing discrimination to grow out of control. Many have chosen to move forward from this, but not all have the voice to speak up about it.

If there is any validity to what Atwood states then we have to look to 1945. Do you remember what happened? Neither do I. If it wasn’t for my World Politics teacher, I wouldn’t have even considered how time lets us forget how cruel society can be. If we look back to 9/11 in fifty years will there still be people who view the Middle East as the land of terrorists?

It already seems like we have taken the steps in the right direction and for today there is truth to Margaret Atwoods quote. Tomorrow may be different.

From BTB.


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